It’s working!

I had an xray after a 12 day trial on Xalkori on Monday and the scans showed that the tumours looked marginally smaller! This is great news because one of my fears was that the cancer wouldn’t react to the pills and would grow therefore I might miss my window of opportunity to get radiation. Thankfully, this is not the case and I am continuing with the oral medication for the next 3 weeks and will rescan again on August 17th. We are praying that it will continue to shrink!! The more it shrinks, the less toxic of a dose of radiation I will have to receive. Continuing to think positively and hope that it works!

In addition, we have had a busy couple of weeks as Dax and I shared our 1 year wedding anniversary. This has certainly been a challenging year for us. Never could I have imagined that this is how our first year of marriage would be but I know that I am so fortunate to have such a wonderful and supportive husband. I know that we have learned never to take the little things for granted and will only be stronger because of this. We continue to plan my “NED” party (no evidence of disease) and can’t wait for the day that I beat lung cancer!


In other positive news, Baby Jack finally got to come home after 25 days in the NICU! We are so thankful that he is home and healthy. He has brought so much joy to our family and continues to do so every day. For now, we are going to enjoy our 3 weeks without hospital visits and spending time at home with Jack. I will be sure to share my scan results with you all after the 17th! Praying that the pills continue to work!


** As some of you many notice, I did cut my hair and was able to donate it to a charity in Toronto that makes wigs for children with cancer. When I do get my next round of chemotherapy, my hair will fall out so I figured I might as well turn this situation into a positive! 

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 5.08.57 PM

7 thoughts on “It’s working!

  1. Wonderful news! Yes, what a roller coaster year you’ve had. Keep up the positive thoughts and give that new baby lots of love and hugs. Give Dax the same. And don’t forget the wonderful parents you have!


  2. You go girl!!!!….I love hearing your positive news. So happy to hear…and donating your hair is such a wonderful gift. Big hugs sent your way.


  3. Best news of the week. Keep up the wonderful outlook you have,
    Baby Jack is adorable, looking forward to meeting home some day.


  4. My son, Liam, is in grade 7 at Father Mercredi. I think about you everyday and was so glad to find this site. We were glad to hear that your treatment is going well. Baby Jack is beautiful. Praying that your x-Ray results are good tomorrow. Take Care Charlene and Liam


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