Wonder Drug!!

I just left the Ottawa Cancer Centre with fantastic news! Since starting Xalkori on July 15th, my tumour in my lung has shrunk about 50% and the others have had marked shrinkage as well!!!

Xalkori day 1

I am completely over the moon and immensely grateful that this wonder drug is working. After shedding a few tears of joy and reviewing all of the images, Dr. Laurie decided to keep me on these pills for another 2 months and we will once again reevaluate at that point. The fact that these pills are so effective at shrinking the tumours opens up many different treatment possibilities and I couldn’t be more grateful and optimistic that I will one day be NED (no evidence of disease).Xalkori day 1
I have been asked to speak at An Evening of Hope fundraiser in support of Lung Cancer Canada. This is the 3rd annual event held in Ottawa at the Horticulture Building in Landsdowne Park. This year’s event will be held on November 19th from 6-9PM. As someone living and dealing with lung cancer, I realize just how important it is to raise funds for this underfunded disease. Lung cancer kills more Canadians a year than breast, prostate and colon cancer combined yet lung cancer research only receives 7% of government funding and 1% of personal donations. Anyone with lungs can get lung cancer! If it weren’t for lung cancer research, I would certainly not be where I am today. Without the research, genetic testing and new drugs available, I would have to rely solely on traditional chemotherapy (which only has a 20% success rate) and radiation alone. Thankfully, due to medical advancements and research, I have many more options and am confident that I can beat this terrible disease.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 4.59.55 PM

                                 Statistics taken from Lung Cancer Canada

If you’d like to attend this event to help support Lung Cancer Canada please visit the website below. Tickets are $100 until November 5th, and $120 a person after, provided there are tickets still available. You will receive a $20 tax receipt as well. It’s a great opportunity to mingle while enjoying some great food, drinks and entertainment in this unique setting while supporting this worthwhile cause. And if that isn’t enough, there will be an opportunity to take home some amazing prizes donated by generous sponsors with both a Silent Auction and the Tree of Hope Raffle. Tickets can be purchased online and will be mailed directly to your home. I would love to see you all there and Jack would certainly like to meet you all as well. Please help me in supporting research that will save countless canadian lives including mine. 


If you cannot attend the event but would like to donate to this worthwhile cause please visit the following link. Any amount helps! Tax receipts will be provided for all donations.

Tickets can be purchased online at: http://ottawaeveningofhope4lcc.com/.

                                                     Horticulture building

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14 thoughts on “Wonder Drug!!

  1. Amazing and wonderful!!! I am so happy for you… Was thinking about you today as ctv news was talking about genetic markers for cancer treatment.
    You look so great and happy there with your baby. I wish you all the best.

    (Katie’s cousin-in-law)


  2. So excited the hear the news!! Just bought my birthday gift 💝 two tickets to An evening of Hope!! So proud and happy for you!! 😍 You got this girlfriend!! 👊


    • This specific drug is targeted for people with non small cell lung cancer although there are many other targeted treatments for different types of cancer as well. Genetic testing can be done in Canada with tissue samples although Foundation Medicine in the US tests for more types. Foundation Medicine testing does have to be paid for out of pocket. If you’d like more information please let me know and I can e-mail you.


  3. Oh my goodness…that’s amazingly great news! I’m soooo happy for you. I’m hoping to attend this wonderful evening. Like Wendy, this too will be my birthday gift…just thrilled for you, and it’s the best gift anyone could ask for.


  4. Just wanted to say I am so happy and proud of you Mrs. D! Miss seeing you and your beautiful smile around Father Merc but am so happy to hear the great news! Wonderful how someone can remain positive, I know I always look up to you when it comes to keeping a smile! So, so happy for you! 🙂 🙂


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