November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month!! (& an update!)

November is lung cancer awareness month and you can wear white to help support and create awareness!  This month, I wanted to try and create awareness in my own way. I’ve designed my own Lung Cancer Awareness Bracelets that are available to purchase online starting today! ALL PROCEEDS will go to lung cancer research. In addition, I hope to create awareness that anyone with lungs can get lung cancer by having people wear them throughout the month of November (and beyond!).

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 6.52.56 PM

When I was first diagnosed with lung cancer, I was often reminded to “just breathe” and that “everything would be okay”. I decided not to put the traditional cancer ribbon on these bracelets and instead chose to put a 4 leaf clover for luck (not pictured in image above). Clovers have always had a special meaning for me since I was born on St. Patrick’s Day! Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 3.24.34 PM

The bracelets are white to symbolize the colour of the lung cancer ribbon. When I was first diagnosed, thinking of myself as a “cancer patient” was a very depressing thought so I wanted to put a positive twist on these bracelets by adding some luck instead. I wanted to help remind all those who are fighting to stay positive and know that with a positive attitude, an incredible medical team, groundbreaking research and some good luck on your side, anything is possible! Please help me end the stigma associated with lung cancer and create awareness for this terribly underfunded disease that kills thousands of people a year.

A reminder that I will be speaking at this year’s Evening of Hope for Lung Cancer on November 19th at Landsdowne Park in Ottawa. There are still tickets available if you would like to come! Tickets are still only $100 until November 5th and will be $120 if purchased afterwards. My bracelets will also be sold during the event so if you would like to pick one up in person there will be lots available! Visit their website at: for tickets or to make a donation!


Thank you ALL once again for your continued support throughout this journey. I would not be where I am today without your generosity, positive thoughts and breakthrough research funded by people like you and I.

A few facts about Lung Cancer:

  • Anyone with lungs can get lung cancer
  • Lung cancer kills more people annually than breast, prostate and colon cancer combined but is still the least funded
  • The 5 year survival rate for those diagnosed is 15.5%
  • The rate of young, non-smokers diagnosed with lung cancer is on the rise

I had another scan last week and the tumours continue to shrink!! (Woohoo!) I am beyond thrilled that I can continue on these wonder drugs and pray for continued shrinkage to make my next plan of attack that much less complicated.

                     Happy belated Halloween from my Jack O’ Lantern 

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5 thoughts on “November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month!! (& an update!)

  1. Elisabeth,

    Michael will be going on Nov 19. Let me know if you need a volunteer – maybe to sell the bracelets?

    Danielle (Michael’s mom)


  2. So delighted to hear all the good things happening in your health and life!! Your son is beautiful. You are in our thoughts and prayers. 💜Rachel and Rosa Ondang


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