Bowling, Washington & a Cancer Update!

Bowling to Strikeout Cancer, Washington & a Cancer Update!

Bowling to Strikeout Cancer Event

My family and I attended the “Bowling to Strikeout Cancer” fundraiser in Ottawa last month! Myself and Dr. Wheatley Price (Chair of Medical Advisory Committee for Lung Cancer Canada) spoke at the event to help raise awareness. Not only did we have a GREAT time but the event helped to raise $28,700 for Lung Cancer Canada! The organizer, Kevin Hurtubise, did an amazing job and we look forward to attending again next year!

HOPE Summit – Washington, DC

Dax and I were also very fortunate, thanks to Team Draft, to travel to Washington, DC to attend this year’s LUNGevity Hope Summit. We had an amazing time meeting fellow survivors and attending the conference! I was able to meet fellow “ROS-1” patients and the wonderful Jackie (who was also diagnosed while pregnant). Jackie and I have been corresponding since our sons were born and it was so nice to meet her and many others in person. Hearing all of these amazing people share their stories was truly inspiring (and we we’re lucky to make some new friends too!). We also managed to squeeze in a little sight seeing. Thank you so much Team Draft for making this happen! If you or someone you know might be interested in attending one of these events in the future, you can find information here! 

Conference Photos

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Being touristy!

Cancer Update!

I had my latest CT scan and appointment about a week ago. As far as results go, I had a bit of everything: shrinkage, stability and progression. As disappointed as I was to have some progression, I was reassured to see my April 2015 vs April 2016 CT scans side-by-side (and let me tell you, it was nothing short of amazing). As my oncologist put it, my initial scans were “peek and shriek” worthy – whereas today, the tumours have shrunk over 60% and are under control. I honestly could not be more grateful to have my oncologist, Dr. Scott Laurie, at the Ottawa Cancer Centre treating me. If you are someone newly diagnosed with cancer, I can’t stress to you the importance of finding a Dr. that believes in you as much as you believe in yourself. I am so very lucky to have found such an amazing team here in Ottawa.

The absolute best news following this appointment was that my oncologist was going to speak with a surgeon to evaluate my case! WOOHOO! 1 year ago today I was “incurable” and hoping and praying that chemotherapy would work. Now, I am on a clinical trial, which is shrinking some of my cancer (the part that we want to shrink), and looking at potentially having surgery and/or radiation with the HOPE of curing me! The one thing that we as cancer patients truly want and need is hope. I am blessed beyond measure to have hope right now and will continue on in “3 week intervals” and keep you updated as I go.

Here’s hoping the surgeon doesn’t think we’re nuts!

just breathe.

Lizzie xo

12 thoughts on “Bowling, Washington & a Cancer Update!

  1. Elizabeth, trust me no one thinks you or anyone involved in your journey/recovery are nuts. Far from it, you are an inspiration not only to those who have cancer but all of us who face other ailments/life challenges. Your blog is helping everyone who reads it and follows your journey. It educates us on cancer, possible treatments for lung cancer such as yours and possibly other forms, and promotes positivity that’s essential in all our lives. Thanks and keep up the great work. Hugs to all of you and a special one for that munchkin of yours. Hope to see you, Dax and Jack again soon.

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  2. You keep up the “hope” part, that’s what it is all about and we will keep up the “prayer” part. ❤️ To all.


  3. Dearest Elizabeth, Dax, Jack and family…such good news and thank you for keeping everyone updated…love the photo’s and really appreciate the commentary and education/research/money updates…I can feel Lizzie’s Love and Hugs for your parents. As always, Sharon.


  4. Wow!! Absolutely amazing news for you and your family Lizzie!! I am so happy for you!! You have every reason to be full of hope and optimism. “Keep your eyes on the prize”


  5. Congratulations on the good new Elizabeth. Keep fighting, keep hoping! Thank you so much for keeping us updated, for all the information, and for sharing this part of your life with us. Take care.

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