A short while ago, I received a voicemail from the Ottawa Hospital – not something new, seeing as I’m a frequent flyer there. It was a message from Dr. Sundaresan’s office asking to book a consult appointment. DR. SUNDARESAN is the HEAD OF THORACIC SURGERY at the Ottawa Hospital and I was going to have a consult with him!!!! *Cue the ugly cry! 

I completely broke down and cried tears of joy! He was going to meet with me to discuss the POSSIBILITY of surgerysomething that I have dreamed about for over a year! When I was first diagnosed in Edmonton, I was told that I would not live past a year. (Thankfully, shortly thereafter, I stepped in Dr. Laurie’s office). I was so overwhelmed with the possibility of surgery, I couldn’t keep it together! (Since Day 1, my goal has always been to have surgery. With the high recurrence in lung cancer, I have always wanted it “out” and for it to “never come back”)


IMG_6208 (1)

My “positive vibes” bracelet lineup (My mom had just bought me the unexpected miracles bracelet a week earlier)

After the incredibly tense and nerve-racking wait for the appointment to see the surgeon, Dax, my Mom, Jack and myself met with Dr. Sundaresan. He began the meeting by “congratulating me on all that I had accomplished over the past year” (talk about a nice man!). He proceeded to tell me that he felt that the time for surgery was NOW! This was due to the drastic reduction in volume of cancer over the past year thanks to my targeted therapies (Xalkori & Lorlatinib – THANK YOU PFIZER!)!!!!!!


I started crying so hard as he drew a diagram of the surgical plan, that he thought he was scaring me. I reassured him that I was not scared at all but just so completely overcome with joy! I could not believe that I was actually having this conversation with this incredible surgeon and that this day had come! I had dreamt about this moment every single day for the past year. My dream last year was to see my son’s 1st Birthday and now I am able to dream of many, many more!

The plan is to have a lobectomy (either one or two of the lobes in my right lung removed) however, the surgeon will not 100% know what he will have to do until he’s inside. He may have to do a pneumonectomy (entire right lung removal) if need be.  If I didn’t have lung cancer, I would probably be terrified, but it’s crazy how your perspective can change. I am just so unbelievably grateful for this chance and the possibility of one day being NED!


               Anxiously awaiting my PET scan                   When leaving my PET scan with Dax, I spotted a single four-leaf clover in the middle of an otherwise empty corkboard!!   (talk about a sign?! just breathe) 


I had many tests that I had to pass to qualify for surgery since seeing him last and I am so grateful and relieved that they all went well (PET, CT, Pulmonary Function Test, VQ Lung Scan). I just received a phone call this afternoon and received the date!
I was SO excited after receiving this call, I dropped my phone and accidentally smashed the screen! (haha!). Being able to laugh it off and continue on with my amazing day is just an example of the perspective that I’ve gained since my diagnosis.  

I am so grateful for everyone that has helped me get to where I am today. It is certainly thanks to the amazing staff at the Ottawa Cancer Centre that I have made it this far! I am so grateful for their incredible dedication to their work. Each time I step into their offices, I am in awe of their passion and dedication to medicine and to helping others.

I know that stepping into Dr. Scott Laurie’s office was the best decision of my medical treatment. He has provided me with such extraordinary care over the past 13 months and continues to do so every day. I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for him and I don’t think that I will ever be able to thank him enough (as much as I try).
I am also so grateful for:
Dr. Sudhir Sundaresan for believing in me.
My wonderful husband Dax, who has been so unbelievably supportive and I know that with him and Jack by my side, anything is possible.
My Mom (my best friend), my Dad and brother, Matt – thank you for filling each day with laughter and for your endless love and care. We are a pretty amazing team.
I want to say a HUGE thank you to each and every one of you who has supported me since my diagnosis and helped me get to where I am today. I am incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by so much kindness, love and generosity. It truly takes a village and I am forever grateful. Thank you!



1 year ago this dream was impossible.
6 months ago it “might” be a possibility if “all of the stars aligned”.
Today my dream has come true and it’s nothing short of a miracle (combined with an unbelievably amazing oncologist and team).

Here’s to a successful surgery & continuing to defy the odds and always having hope because anything is possible.

just breathe.

Soon to be One 1/2 Lung Lizzie xo

56 thoughts on “BEST NEWS YET!!!!!!

  1. This is great news Elizabeth. I am so glad that this will be done. Keep up the fight. We are all here to hold you up & give you strength. Prayers are with you!

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  2. Oh Elizabeth – such good news I have tears of happiness. You go girl! Hugs to your Mom. Prayers and happy thoughts! Your grandparents live in my heart and I think they are cheering you on. Enjoy the beautiful weekend!

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    • Thank you so much Mrs. Gordon!! I see so many “signs” that remind me of them and show me that they are backing me every step of the way. So grateful for such a wonderful family. Thank you for your prayers and continual support! 😊


  3. Awesome news, Elizabeth! Sending prayers and positive thoughts your way. You truly are inspirational. I know your Grandparents are looking down with love and support. You are a fighter, and I know with your positivity all will be well. Tell Mom that I will have her in my thoughts on your big day!

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    • Thank you so much Mrs. Hunter!! I so appreciate your prayers and positive energy! My grandma was one of the strongest people I’ve ever met and I know that I’ve got a little bit of her in me giving me the strength to beat this. 😊 Will tell my Mom that you are thinking of us ❤️ xo


  4. I was so very happy to read of your wonderful news…you will be in my thoughts and prayers daily.You are a lot younger than I am and I have had two VATS the first was the top half of my left lobe and 8 weeks later my complete bottom right lobe…I know you will do really well…with your beautiful spirit and the great team you have !!! You have indeed had a miracle and more to come…God Bless😊🙏🍀

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  5. Congratulations on the great news. You worked so hard in so many ways for this day – you deserve it! Thank you so much for sharing the wonderful news with all of us. Stay strong, stay healthy and know that me and so many others are praying and wishing good things for you. 🙂

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  6. Just finished reading your blog and now I’m bawling. So happy for you and so proud of your courage and positive outlook.You are indeed an inspiration to others facing difficult situations such as yours. I’m sure Rhonda and Bob are looking down saying ” That’s our girl”. Love to you and all your family for their wonderful support.

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    • You are so sweet Colleen! I see so many “signs” showing me that Grandma and Grandpa are with me giving me the strength to beat this! Hope to see you soon once I’m back on my feet!! Love you! 😊🍀


  7. That’s wonderful news! Tom & I are soooo happy for you!
    (& yes I agree, Dr. Sundaresan & his team are fantastic!!!!)…. You are in great hands.
    We’re thinking of you.xo


  8. Such exciting news for you. . Jim and I know that you will do great. It was the best decision that we made and had Jim have a portion of his lung removed. Truly believe it’s a part of why he is a 12 year survivor. We will be praying for you, Dax and your family.


  9. It is amazing to read this! You are such a wonderful help to so many. Congratulations on this wonderful news and thank you so much for sharing your journey.


  10. Wonderful, fantastic news! Will be thinking of you and your family on 28th!  For sure the best news ever!!!  Deanna Mills

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  11. Wonderful news and with your positive attitude, you bring joy to so many. My prayers will be with you on your big day.


  12. Such fantastic news. We are so very happy for you and your beautiful family. You are a great strength and inspiration. Keep your eyes on the prize!! Xo

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  13. So absolutely happy to hear this. Your outlook on life through all of this has been incredibly inspiring. You are such a brave and wonderful woman, thank you for sharing your journey. As a new mother myself, I marvel at your tenacity and strength. Thoughts and prayers for the surgery, can’t wait to hear what good news it brings!

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  14. My daughter works with this amazing surgeon, he is the best! You are in great hands! They are an amazing team of nurses also!


  15. My daughter works with that amazing man and surgeon! You are in great hands! They are also an amazing team of nurses. I hope she gets a chance to meet you!


  16. You are such an amazing young lady, each time I read your blog it moves me to tears… you have been Blessed with such a Beautiful Faith! and an amazing family!! all of them. God Bless you Elizabeth, you are always in our thoughts and prayers. ❤

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