What a difference a year makes! 

Yesterday was Jack’s first birthday! So much to celebrate. Elizabeth is recovering amazingly well just a few days after her surgery.


Lizzie just 4 hours after her surgery! She was not able to drink water for the first 24 hours so she was a big fan of these pink mouth sponges!

She’s been off oxygen since the morning after her surgery, up walking laps around the halls and has had one of her chest tubes removed. Her oxygen saturation rate at room air is fantastic fluctuating between 98 and 100! (Normal is 95-100) She’s been moved from the observation unit to the surgical floor.  They plan to remove her remaining tubes today and possibly go home on Saturday. The surgeons have all been remarking on the amazing response she has had to her targeted treatments and are very interested to see what the pathology comes back with!


2 years ago today Elizabeth was travelling home to be married to Dax, 1 year ago she had just given birth to Jack and had not yet tested positive for a genetic marker and today she has had surgery with the intent of a cure! 

What a difference a year makes. Happy Birthday Jack, Happy Lobectomy Elizabeth and Happy Birthday Canada!




Knowing that Elizabeth would be in the hospital for Jack’s birthday, we celebrated early instead! Here are a few pictures from his special day!

just breathe.

Lizzie’s Mom

p.s. Lizzie continues to read every single one of your messages! She is focusing on her physiotherapy and getting lots of walking in so apologizes that she is unable to respond to messages for the time being! 🙂

13 thoughts on “What a difference a year makes! 

  1. So much has happened in such a short time but you, your family & friends have remained strong & positive! Wishing you a fast & complete recovery! You certainly deserve this! I’m keeping you in my prayers…


  2. You are an amazing girl through and through!!! I am sitting at the Cornwall hospital following my second knee replacement and yesterday feeling sorry for myself when I get an email notification from Lizzies Lungs! Reading your words gave me a kick in the butt putting things into perspective. From all of us in my family to you and your family- you inspire me US with your strength, determination and perseverance:) Thank You!!

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  3. Wow, incredible journey! Such an inspiration to all of us. Stay strong, continue on! Wishing you and all your family all the best all the time. Happy birthday to little Jack!


  4. Wow! You are really doing great, Elizabeth! It is amazing what youth, determination, and optimism, combined with the support of all who love you, can accomplish! It is hard to believe that Jack is a year old already. Love the birthday pics. He is such a cutie! Wishing you a continued successful recovery and news of NED in the near future. Thanks, Robyn, for sharing Lizzie’s amazingly quick recovery from the surgery. All our prayers are being answered! Jo-Anne >


  5. So incredibly happy for you! I have tears in my eyes. This is all so similar to my surgery experience (including the extreme thirst and the absolute adoration of those sponges!) and I just know that in 3+ years you’ll be sitting where I’m sitting and you’ll know that this survey was the best decision/opportunity of your life. This is the beginning of a new, cancer-free era, and I couldn’t be happier for you.

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