Happy Anniversary Dax!

Today Dax and I celebrate our 2nd Wedding Anniversary! To say that the last two years have not gone according to “plan” is an understatement. Our “plan” consisted of continuing to live and work in Fort McMurray, Alberta, our home away from home, all while raising Jack and creating memories as a family. I was just three months shy of completing my Master’s in Education when I was diagnosed. I was studying full-time through correspondance while teaching Gr. 7-9 Math, Science and Glee Class and planned to be returning to teaching after a year’s maternity leave in September.


We learned quickly that plans can change and that all of the life planning we did can change in an instant . When I was diagnosed, we left Alberta with only a carry-on bag in hand to return home to Ontario to be with family while I sought out treatment. Unfortunately due to my diagnosis and being unable to work, I lost my teaching job too. Dax has been on paternity leave for the past year and will be returning back to work next Monday. Jack and I have been so incredibly fortunate to have him at home and by our sides for the past year.



After being diagnosed with lung cancer, I had made the decision that I did not want to look back on the time in my life when I had cancer and dwell upon all of the negatives and all of the things that cancer has taken away from us. I wanted to focus on the positive and be thankful for all of the things that we were able to do BECAUSE I had cancer. For example: being with family and friends, the vacations we would never have taken otherwise, getting to spend the past year at home with Dax and Jack, meeting such an amazing lung cancer community, becoming an advocate for the cause, looking at life with a completely new perspective and appreciating all of the little things, being even more thankful for each and every day that I am able to spend surrounded by loved ones, getting to go to Super Bowl Weekend with Team Draft… and the list goes on.



My Mom liked this quote so much she framed it!

Our lives together are certainly NOTHING like what we would have planned but happiness is truly about celebrating it for everything that it is. I am truly grateful to have married such a kind, loving, strong and supportive husband who has not only come with me to every single appointment, test and treatment, but helped me truly believe that “it’s going to be okay”. Having Jack has brought more joy to my life than I ever knew was possible and being with them has filled each day with smiles and laughter. Jack is my miracle, and I fully intend to be the next.


Click on this photo for a flashback video of a truly perfect day.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 11.13.30 AM

just breathe.


P.S. I am feeling better and better each day!! Dax, Jack and I went to the Canadian Museum of History the other night and I even managed to get in a little retail therapy (that’s the same as physiotherapy right?! haha!). We were also thrilled to have a visit from Chris Draft & Pamela (another ROS-1er) earlier last week! Thank you both for coming!!

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11 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary Dax!

    • Happy Anniversary Lizzie and Dax and may you be blessed with many more wonderful years! Thank you for sharing your special day…the video was beautiful…So happy that your recovery is going so well…you will be a great source of inspiration and hope for others in this fight !!

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  1. Happy Anniversary Lizzie & Dax! Wishing you many, many more years, albeit easier years, together. Years of good health, prosperity, and a great deal of FUN, and HAPPINESS!

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  2. Such an inspirational update. You are always so positive and see the brightest light in every situation. You are a pillar of strength and inspiration and yes you are a beautiful gift from God to your family, friends and anyone who had been fortunate enough to cross your path. “Keep your eyes on the prize”.
    Carolyn and Dan Xo.💕

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