I am writing this on the evening of what is surely the BEST DAY EVER! Today, July 27th, I was able to hear the four words that I have been waiting to hear since I was diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer on April 21, 2015.

                                                    I have NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE!!!!!


On our way home, I told Dax that I wanted something (anything) that said NED on it! I felt like seeing it in writing would make it more real! Apparently my Mom had the same idea since we both walked through the door with matching cakes!

I still feel as though I am in shock or disbelief! Today has sort of felt like a blur and almost as though I am floating above what is happening and just trying to take it all in.

When I was first diagnosed, the volume of cancer was terrifying. There were tumours in my right lung which had spread to my lymph nodes in my chest. One tumour in my chest was so large it had wrapped around my trachea causing the airway to constrict. My Dr. now calls them the “peek and shriek” scans (Of course he never said this at the time!). I have waited until now to share this scan with all of you – mostly because of just how terrifying it was and how I refuse to believe that lung cancer will beat me. I wanted to share this image in particular with you all to show you that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! This is an image of just one of the tumours from May 2015. If I can go from this to NED… then I truly believe anything can happen. There is always hope.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 10.56.18 AM

Scan from Initial Diagnosis


Unforunately Dr. Scott Laurie, my oncologist, was away on holiday so he was not there to be able to deliver the AMAZING news himself after working so hard over the past 15 months. I know I must have said it a thousand times already but he really is THE BEST! I know that I am alive today because of him. I am alive (AND N.E.D!!) because he treated me “outside of the standard of care” and did not look at me as a statistic.


If only he knew just how happy Mommy was to read these reports!!

In addition, Dr. Sudhir Sundaresan truly is a gifted surgeon!! We all knew going into surgery that it wouldn’t be easy (and quite possible that he may not be able to remove it all) but he DID! I am so grateful that he and Dr. Farid Shamji chose to operate on me!

Fortunately today, Dr. Wheatley-Price (a wonderful oncologist and the new President of Lung Cancer Canada) was there today to deliver the news along with my amazing research co-ordinators, Kendra & Michelle. After shedding quite a few tears of joy, we looked over my CT reports and simply took in the moment.


My amazingly supportive family! Without you, I would not be where I am today! We did it!!!


Had my #justbreathe bracelet on yesterday and every single day since November. It has served as a reminder to just breathe through every appointment, test, scan, treatment and even through surgery – all of which have led me here.

Despite the fact that I now have no evidence of disease, that does not mean that there may not be some cancer cells left that we are unable to see. Because of this, I will be continuing on with the clinical trial to assure that it either A) kills the remaining cells (if any) or B) continues to suppress them. The plan is to continue with the clinical trial for the foreseeable future and enjoy life and all of the amazing things that it has to offer! I will continue to have regular scans and be monitored to assure that nothing sneaks up on us. If anything pops up in the future, we still have a few treatment options that we have not tried yet.

On the other hand, there is the very slight possibility that I could just continue to have NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE for the rest of my (VERY LONG) life! Who knows?

Anything is possible.
Miracles do happen.

Always remember to just breathe.

N.E.D. Lizzie
(I really like the sound of that)


A few lung cancer facts:

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 12.50.47 AM.png

Check out Lung Cancer Canada’s    “Hard Facts Poster” by clicking here!

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 12.50.54 AM.png


Half of women (50.1%) diagnosed with lung cancer will survive only one year.

Lung cancer is rarely detected early on.


37 thoughts on “NED – NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE!!!!!

  1. We can’t express how happy we are for you all.
    It has been an incredible journey and your determination is a powerful healer too.
    We celebrate with you! ❤️

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  2. Oh my gosh, I am so happy for you Lizzie, and Dax, and Jack, and Robyn, and all those close to you and your family. HAPPY, HAPPY DAY!
    I was so choked up and overwhelmed with happiness after reading your post – I immediately ran over to my husband George with my iPad to show it to him. My eyes watering – what a relief, what a journey for you and your family; I am so happy for you. I wish for you and your family only good and healthy days all the rest of your lives! Celebrate … you deserve some full out FUN and stress free days! ❤️Julie

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  3. OMG- the BEST news – I am so thrilled you heard those 3 small words that have so much meaning for you and your whole family !! Many many great days and years ahead!

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  4. This is the most amazing news that I have heard in two years. Now enjoy the rest of your life with your wonderful supportive family ❤️💕👍🏻👋🙏

    Catherine Fraser Poirier⚾️🏈


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  5. Great News! your Grandfather (Rudy) who has been wonderful visiting my step dad, Marcel, was beaming when he told us your news! You are an inspiration!

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  6. Woohoo, that’s great news. Thank you God for all of the blessings everyday. So happy for you Elizabeth, Dax, Jack, Robyn, Louis and family. ☘🎈🎂👍

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  7. There so many negative news in the world these days that it is so refreshing to hear about such wonderful happy news. We need more good news. Three stars or whatever you want to give to the doctors, technicians, supporting staff, supporting family members for all their dedications and support. Well done everyone!!!! On our end, we will continue to keep you in our prayers so that you may stay “NED” free. Enjoy your life, your family and keep on living life to the fulless. Stay well and all the best from your old neighbours and friends, Reina and Dan.

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  8. Miracles do happen and prayers are answered. I am so happy to read this!!!!!! Pretty sure there is a party going on in heaven! Prayers continue for NED to be a way of life!

    Sent from my iPad


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  9. This brought tears to my eyes. I am so very happy for you. I will spread the word in Fort Mcmurray. God bless you and your family. Charlene Gibson

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  10. It is wonderful news. Your story gives hope to so many. I’m happy I found your blog and have just received my bracelet which will remind me to Just Breathe.

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  11. Wow! An amazing day for you and your family hearing those three letters we have all been praying for! Your determination and positive attitude that this diagnosis would not stifle the Lizzie within, surely contributed to these wonderful results. Cheers to a long and happy life!

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  12. I don’t quite know how to express the happiness this post has brought me, and that is just a fraction of what all of you must be feeling, I know! God bless you, Elizabeth, and your family and your medical team! Love from Glengarry.

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  13. I am so happy for all of you and wish you the very best, enjoy your new found life and live it with lots of love and laughter with those you love. Miracles really do exist. God Bless.

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  14. What a fantastic day! Thank you for your blog! It has sent the message of faith, hope, courage,determination and inspiration!. Me and many others celebrate this day with you and you family 🙂 x

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  15. Wow what great news this is — talk about tears– always thought if anybody could conquer this you could with your determination. Love to you all

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  16. I have been following your journey. I am so happy for you and your family. You are truly an inspiration. My prayers an thoughts will continue with you. 🙂

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  17. NED Lizzie – When I came home tonight and Shelby told me she read your extraordinary news, tears of joy rained down my face. I am beyond happy for you and your family. When people say they do not believe in miracles I will have to tell them to read your story. You are blessed with an amazing loving family and please know I will keep you all in my daily prayers. Huge hugs to you all. 🙂

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  18. I have followed your journey and we all have been thinking of you and praying for you and your family. Many tears reading your story but they are happy tears for you!!! By telling your story you not only helped yourself and family but you have continued to offer such help and support to so many with your positive outlook and continued belief! Congratulations on this wonderful news. Celebrate!!! God Bless you dear Lizzie and your wonderful family!

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  19. Congratulations! Though that word does not seem to express the culmination in beating this disease. We wish for you and Dax a long life together and many more great memories. As dr Laura says. Now go take on the day! Your life continues… And I pray that what has been learned from your treatment may be shared and applied to so many other young women who are fighting for their next breath! In your spirit may they also become survivors.

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  20. Aloha Lizzie,

    Congratulations on NED!! Happy NED Day!

    I’ve shared with you before that we’ve got a lot a parallels in our lung cancer journeys. Your NED news prompted me to look at my journal to see when I got my NED news. It was July 8, 2010. My surgeon delivered the news by saying “It’s as good as it gets!”

    That was over six years ago! Back then I didn’t have the wonderful #LCSM network to help me through my journey. Back then the only #lungcancerpeople I knew were sitting in the chemo chair next to mine. Dying in the chemo chair next to mine. Sharing what was in store for me. Can’t eat. Can’t walk. Can’t breathe. Recurrence. Palliative.

    I was waiting for my surgeon to say the word “remission”, because that was the word they used in all the movies. The “feel good” movies where the patient survives. “It’s as good as it gets” — does that mean cancer-free “as good as it gets”? Or does it mean “we’ve lowered the bar and you’re not going to get any better than this”?
    I had two more rounds of chemo and my oncologist declared me cancer-free. Still not using the word “remission”, and I can’t recall if she used the phrase “no evidence of disease”.

    I was officially introduced to NED in April 2011 at the Free To Breathe Advocacy Summit. NED was sitting at every single table in the place. I was thrilled to meet so many #lungcancerpeople who were alive, well, and living with NED. Since then I have met so many like you, that have started this incredibly difficult journey, found so many others through #LCSM, and have benefitted from this amazingly supportive community. And every time I hear of another NED cake (or two!) being served, I quietly celebrate my own NED Day.

    With much love and aloha,


  21. So very happy to hear this news, thank you for sharing your journey to win the battle of lung cancer. It will truly bring awareness to this disease and hope to those who need to fight it.

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  22. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am for you and your beautiful family, Lizzie. This is an answer to my prayers!! I’m fighting my own Stage 4 lung cancer & this gives me hope! Thank you! May God continue to bless you!! Hugs, Lynn

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