Radiation Time

So I know that I told you all that we had decided not to do radiation because we we’re going to go with the just “wait and see if anything pops up” strategy… well there’s been a slight change in plans.

IMG_8410 (1).jpg

I’m now going to be having radiation therapy. My oncologist, Dr. Laurie, discussed my case at medical rounds and determined that the best course of treatment (to try and assure that we do kill every last cancer cell / try to keep the odds of recurrence down) was to have 5 weeks worth of radiation (eek!).

I met with Dr. Catherine Lochrin this week – she is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet which makes appointments with her really pleasant despite the fact that we are talking about something rather unpleasant. After discussing all of the pros, cons and possible side effects, we we’re able to make the decision to go ahead with radiation.

I had already gone through the whole preparation for radiation last year (before we knew that I had a genetic marker) so I knew what to expect . Also, I got my first set of tattoos last June in preparation for the radiation that never happened so I’m now able to put them to good use! They tattooed 4 freckle-like black tattoos on my chest to use as a way to align my body each time I am to receive radiation. I’m all set to go!

I begin my treatment on Monday, August 29th and will go to the hospital Monday through Friday for 5 weeks. I am so incredibly fortunate to be where I am today and having felt well enough for the past few weeks to get outside and enjoy this BEAUTIFUL summer! From what I have heard from my fellow cancer survivors, radiation to the chest/trachea can be rather unpleasant but I am hopeful that I will be able to tolerate it as well as I have tolerated each treatment leading up to this point. 16 months later, I have had three rounds of chemotherapy, a targeted therapy, a clinical trial and a pneumonectomy and never once had an upset stomach! (Hopefully I don’t “jinx” it!! haha).

Lastly, what does one do when they find out that they’re having radiation and happen to have an entire week free of appointments, tests, scans and treatments?! Travel! Yesterday my mom, Jack and I flew to the sunshine state of Florida for a little rest and relaxation.

We’re looking forward to creating some amazing memories and enjoying a little time away before my next treatment begins. Thank you all for your continued prayers and messages of support! I truly believe that your prayers and positive thoughts have helped me to get to where I am today.

just breathe.

N.E.D. Lizzie

12 thoughts on “Radiation Time

  1. A little R. and R. and (if your Mom is anything like Rhonda) a little third R. – retail therapy- is just the ticket! Enjoy your week away with your Mom and Jack! Your medical team must subscribe to that old adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure to guarantee you remain N.E.D. Sending positive vibes your way for your radiation therapy to go well.


  2. Have a great vacation with your son and Mom!

    Your doctors sound wonderful and are obviously taking very good care of you and ensuring you live to have many more of these vacations?

    You are in my prayers every night.


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  3. Enjoy your vacation with your Mom and Jack and good luck in your radiation treatments. Positive thoughts and as always “keep your eye on the pize” Carolyn and Dan xo

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  4. Hoping your radiation goes well – I had 5 weeks at the IGFCC last Fall & the staff that worked with me were just such wonderful gals. Stay strong my friend.

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