Boston Trial

Since Elizabeth’s last blog post, she has been taking a social media break to focus her energy on fighting this terrible disease.  She completed her second round of chemotherapy followed by CT scans to evaluate her progress. Unfortunately the scans showed the cancer was progressing so it was time to come up with a new plan.   

Her oncologist moved quickly to secure her a spot in a new ROS1 targeted therapy trial in Boston. We are extremely grateful for this opportunity and had to travel to MGH in Boston to enroll in this trial.

Following her initial visit to MGH in December, Elizabeth had more comprehensive genomic testing done on her cancer cells at Foundation Medicine. It was discovered she has developed the resistant gene G2032R which is common after being exposed to prior targeted therapies.  The good news is the new trial drug has been developed to hopefully target the ROS1 mutation as well as the resistant gene.  Elizabeth has responded well to targeted therapies in the past and we are confident she will do so again.  She received her first dose last Tuesday. 

There have been lots of distractions for us here in Boston including the Patriots Victory Parade right outside of our hotel this week. 

If Tom Brady and the Patriots can make a 25 point come back to win the Super Bowl it proves yet again anything is possible! 

Elizabeth sends her love and thanks to all of you who have sent messages, cards, positive thoughts and prayers.   A special thanks to her Ottawa oncology team and her new MGH team for working together to make this happen.  Lastly, a big shout out to Chris Draft and his team for an incredibly successful 3rd annual Super Bowl challenge.

Today marks day 7 of her new treatment plan and day 7 of new hope.  We look forward to sharing and celebrating many more days with all of you. We will continue to focus on her health and fighting this disease but will try to post updates when we are able to. 🍀

Just breathe, 

Lizzie’s mom xo
P.S. Thanks to “Lizzie’s Lungs” fundraising efforts throughout the month of November, Lizzie was thrilled to be able to donate $5000US to Team Draft’s SuperBowl Challenge. 20% of these funds will be donated directly to Team Draft and 80% will be donated to the Bonnie J. Addario ROS1 Fundraising Initiative. 

P.P.S. The fundraising letter that Lizzie helped to write for The Ottawa Hospital Foundation helped to raise a final total of over $266,000 for patient care and research! 

Lizzie wants to thank you all for your endless support. ❤️ She is always blown away by the generosity, love and kindness from others. Thank you!! 

14 thoughts on “Boston Trial

  1. HI Lizzie…have been thinking of you often and keeping you in my prayers as you continue to fight…so glad to get the update and feeling confident that you are in the right place for you …wonderful that you have the great team and support that is so priceless…Just Breathe😊🙏🍀


  2. Lizzie – I apologize, but haven’t kept up much and just read all the posts since October. I am thinking of you and sending so much love and support. If there’s anyone who can do this, it’s YOU. You are an inspiration and a beacon of Hope to all of us in the lung cancer community – and beyond. “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” I KNOW you can do this.


  3. Thank you, Robyn, for keeping us up to date. Elizabeth is a fighter and it sure seems like she is in the right trial. Thoughts and prayers are with you all and we will keep you in our hearts on this St. Valentine’s Day and always!


  4. Prayers, lots of love and hugs for strength and courage being sent to Liz and all of her family. “Keep your eyes on the prize”
    Love Carolyn and Dan ❤❤❤


  5. I sure am praying for you every day & hoping that the new treatment will work,you & your family are so awesome,all the best always!! Many hugs Barb Bell ❤❤


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